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Best Unbiased Reviews of Products


Consumers rely heavily on ratings and product reviews when considering a purchase. In response, the world of online retail has spawned an entire industry of tools and software to capture consumer opinions for every product and service imaginable. Most of the time, it’s a great system. However, like all good ideas, there can also be a downside. Unscrupulous individuals are gaming the system at unprecedented rates.

As a consumer, it can be hard to know which sites to trust when you are looking at product reviews. Is it fraudulent? Did somebody receive compensation to write a fake review? How can you tell? Thankfully, there are companies online that address these concerns by providing clear and unbiased ratings for consumers like 10Reviews.


So whether you’re shopping for equipment for your business or a new gas grill for your patio at home, it pays to know which reviews you can trust. Below we list four of the best review sites out there.


Reviewing and Scoring

  • Trust
    Reviews from high-quality, trusted sources are given higher importance.
  • Votes
    The more votes a product has, the more reliable the information is.
  • Experts
    Reviews from experts carry more weight than general user reviews.
  • Age
    Testfreaks compares the age of a product with its expected life cycle and adjusts the score with this in mind.

The Consumer Reports testing facility employs scientists, researchers, and analysts to carry out objective testing at its facility. The formula they use varies depending upon the product. Once their experts have completed testing, the company’s editorial staff writes and publishes the findings.

Because Consumer Reports has no outside agenda other than to work directly to educate consumers, they have stringent policies that ensure the company remains independent.

The main downside to using Consumer Reports is its membership fee, which is why we give it only a 4.5-star rating.